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Mobile machines electrification at SLUSH!

Electrification of mobile work machines and off-road vehicles is a highly growing field. This is why the topic was selected as one of the highlights at Business Finland SLUSH side events where Sandvik, Ponsse, Epec and Valmet Automotive amongst others, were talking how the electrification of mobile work machines is transforming the entire industry and value chains.

The Mobile work machine electrification SLUSH side event on Dec 1st 2021 gave the audience a very comprehensive picture of the field and the opportunities it offers. Dr. David Wired from IDTechEx, a global market research company, presented ambitious growth curves demonstrating how the need for batteries is growing dramatically also in mobile work machines field. The electrification and digital development of mobile work machines will overall have huge impact to the whole industry and value chains. There is a real transformation going on.

“If you see sustainability as a cost and a burdon you’re doing wrong things or you haven’t understood what sustainability is.” commented Jaana Hänninen, Valmet Automotive.

Overall, electrification changes the way the whole system will be operated. This complex transformation of the entire system offers huge possibilities and opens doors for new value creation but also completely new players to the field. This topic was also highly interesting to SLUSH audiences.

So what can the startup community offer the industry?

Overall the conclusion was that the industry is going through such a transformation that no one knows all the opportunities there are.

The mobile work machine companies are eager to hear ideas and solutions and startups were very much encouraged to approach these companies. The group of companies in the SIX Mobile Work Machine cluster also seemed to be planning joint startup collaboration activities.

The audience is waiting eagerly to hear more!


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