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The FMS Training Center is an environment with a real working production system consisting of Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS), machining center and robot cell.

The premises for the Training Center are provided by Fastems, a leading supplier of flexible factory automation for metal cutting industries, and they are located at their factory in Tampere, Finland.

The training environment is owned by Tampere University, Tampere University of Applied Sciences and Tampere Vocational College Tredu.

 How to utilize FMS Training Center services? 

Timo Rainio

Senior Lecturer

Phone: +358 500 736605



Real life Flexible Manufacturing Learning environment located in the Fastems factory floor
The education environment is an example of a typical FMS existing in several Finnish companies. The aim of the learning environment is to allow the students to achieve the intended learning outcomes mostly with learning by doing.
Virtual FMS
Virtual FMS
Digital Twin for educational purposes of the physical education environment. The goal of the Virtual-FMS is to make the engineering education interesting and efficient.
Learning material
FMS Training Center learning material is hosted and maintained on a shared MS Teams server by FMS Training Center community
Mixed reality tools for
FMS Training
The efficiency in learning can be improved by utilizing a mixed reality environments and tools like AR and VR. The challenge of education related to large technical systems is to provide enough hands-on experience.  Virtual models and visualizations make it easier to explain the behavior of those systems.


  • FMS – Flexible Manufacturing Systems
  • MMS – Manufacturing Managemen Software
  • Industry 4.0
  • Machining
  • Robotics
  • CNC Automation
  • Automation
  • Tool and pallet management


The main hardware components of the education environment:
  • The Touch OP is the user interface from which the operator uses the MMS and interacts with the system.

  • The Stacker Crane is a vital part of the system.
    It picks up pallets from the storage and transports them around the system. It is normally controlled by the MMS but it can also be driven manually if needed.
  • Loading Station is used to perform tasks on Machining Pallets.
  • Material Station is similar to Loading Stations except, instead of Machining Pallets, it handles Material Pallets.
  • The Machining Center is used to transform raw materials into parts. It often features pallet changers and tool revolvers to ease automatic production. It communicates with the MMS to provide information about the NC-programs and tool statuses.
  • Material Pallets are used to store raw materials in the system.
  • Machining Pallets are used to transport and store raw materials that need to be machined, parts that are work-in-progress and parts that are ready.
  • Robot Cell as a part of Flexible Manufacturing
  • Machining tools and pallets management of the Flexible Manufacturing
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The Training Center is used for both customized continuing education services and basic student education.

If you are interested in using the Training Center to develop your organization's competencies, please contact the organizations involved in the collaboration.

The FMS TC community is also open to co-operation with other educational institutions and companies in the field of competence development, education and training


Tuotekatu 4
33840 Tampere
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