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SIX Smart Manufacturing

Manufacturing is the backbone of the Finnish economy and a key foundation for growth. Finnish manufacturing industry’s strengths are discrete manufacturing and highly specialized one-off and small series production.


The metal and machinery industry is strong and combined with digitalization in product development, leads the way in e.g. intelligent machine building.   ​ 

Six Smart Manufacturing enables wider industry-based cooperation between different actors in the development of innovation and know-how.

Brings together leading manufacturing companies to learn, develop and innovate together.


Smart Manufacturing supports the Finnish discrete manufacturing companies on their sustainable digitalization journey in an industry-driven way.
Regular events for knowledge sharing, networking and learning.
SIX Manufacturing Club (Valmistusklubi)
Finnish manufacturing companies become forerunners in twin transition.

Our mission

We maintain long term ambitious development roadmap towards the next decade.
We build future competiveness by executing roadmap in close collaboration between research and industry.


A smart product generates new value

2030: A smart product helps to build and maintain itself during the lifecycle. Data collected throughout the product lifecycle from production to utilization brings new business opportunities, and feeds continuously the development of new products. 

How: The manufacturer creates and maintains an identity for every product. Lifecycle data is connected to the product identity.

Picture rights: Glaston Corporation


SIX Manufacturing EDIH

Sustainable Industry X (SIX) Manufacturing EDIH advances the discrete manufacturing SMEs on and forward the sustainable digitalization journey - in an industry-driven way.  Scalability is in SIX Manufacturing EDIH’s DNA. It is an open platform, welcoming new collaborators, to make sustainable manufacturing the cornerstone of our wellbeing.

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