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In 2035, Finland's heavy on-road transport will be sustainable (people, profit, planet) and lead the way also on a global level. It enables  completely new value across the entire value network.

Truck Driving On Highway
Jointly enable the realization of company-specific and broader 'digital green' goals. The cluster enables to solve heavy and time-consuming challenges together with industrial and research actors, in an efficient way utilizing a common maintainable roadmap. 


Enabling the continuous availability of the skills needed by companies by jointly identifying the future competence needs and focus areas of the sector, developing training based on them and sharing information between the actors.
Together we will enable better visibility of heavy on-road sector operators in Finland and around the world, so that we can build a more favourable operating environment for us. Jointly influence funding, standards and other decision-making.


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System /


Sustainable business: Contractual and finance aspect, novel business models

Zero emission system (including powertrains, vehicles, infrastructure)

Control systems for intelligence (clarified component, vehicle and system levels)

Customer / human in the loop

Data-intensive services, connectivity and intelligence

Autonomy /automation in logistics

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Taxi On Road


Sustainable business

By 2035, electricity will have become the most cost-competitive solution in most use cases. Business and market bottlenecks have been eliminated and electrification is scaling up strongly. Fast charging up to MW level is common, and the management of vehicle operations and energy supply are integrated. New innovative pricing and service models have enabled entirely new ways of operating and enabling value creation.

SIX HOVE annual seminar
SIX HOVE annual seminar
21 Mar 2024, 11:30 – 15:30
Technopolis, Innopoli 1, room Leonardo,
Technopolis, Tekniikantie 12, 02150 Espoo, Finland
Lorries Parked In Line
Image by Jorge Salvador

SIX Heavy On-road Vehicles ongoing projects

Image by Vishnu Mohanan

SIX HOVE -project

Image by Vishnu Mohanan




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Mikko Pihlatie

SIX Heavy On-road Vehicles

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