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FMWM'23 exhibitor: Epec

Epec Oy together with Ponsse Plc are at the SIX Future Mobile Work Machine event to demonstrate their solutions for greener future. Epec’s products offer flexibility and the latest technologies for the system design, enabling highly advanced control systems, electrification systems, assistance and autonomous systems.

Epec FLow

At he event Ponsse will present Thinning Density Assistant – a technological concept that measures the thinning density and technological concept PONSSE EV1, forwarder that is equipped with a fully electric powertrain and uses the advanced Epec Flow electrification system. Come meet us to discuss your needs!

”The FMWM23 event is an exciting opportunity to showcase off-highway industry expertise in mobile machines and their latest technologies. It is pleasure to have a strong collaboration between the participating companies – it is crucial for gaining better knowledge and achieving common interests. Through the collaboration, we can all gain a better understanding of the industry and accelerate the development of innovative solutions for the future. Epec is delighted to be a part of this cluster and also contribute our knowhow.”

-Senni Huutera, Director, Business Development & Strategy, Epec Oy

Epec Oy is a system supplier specializing in advanced electrics /electronics for efficient, safe and connected non-road mobile machines (NRMM) and commercial vehicles.

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