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Platform of
Excellence (PoE)

Platform of excellence for Finnish knowhow in twin transition of mobile work machines

There are several Mobile Work Machines OEM’s known as market leaders in Finland and their top technology partners. Digitalization and the green transition now bring significant opportunities to turn the transition into an overwhelming competitive advantage. SIX PoE supports this activity together with the building of the University of Tampere's Platform of Excellence national and international network and increasing its recognition.

In addition to Tampere, PoE's national core network includes competence centers from Lappeenranta, Turku, Espoo, Oulu and Vaasa. In particular, the operation develops a wider national and international network as well as international visibility and influence.

The project has two main goals, each of which has three sub-goals and a set of measures. The first goal is to build a platform of excellence (PoE) model for mobile work machines and to develop its core functions and network nationally and internationally. Another goal is to build the visibility, recognition, international influence and thought leadership of Mobile Work Machines.

These measures aim for a networked, long-term and ambitious platform for research and business excellence, from which several research projects and investments utilizing the expertise of network members will emerge. 

Success in this enables the success of the mobile work machine industry and related research and development in the industry's digital and green transition, as well as the scaling of locally developed solutions to national and international markets. With the concentration located in Finland, new companies related to this theme are also being sought.




Team leader, Business Tampere

Heini Wallander

Vilkko Matti.jpg

Professor, Tampere University

Matti Vilkko

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