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New Mobile Machines project: DECARBO – Decarbonization of Mobile Machine Systems

The SIX Mobile Machines companies have set an ambitious path towards decarbonization and have generated a technology and innovation roadmap for developing future mobile working machines. Business Finland has awarded funding to DECARBO – Decarbonization of Mobile Machine Systems, a project that deals with most types of mobile machines addressing the research needs and opportunities in the complex mix of energy supply options and operating environments.

Energy and transport sectors are in the middle of a great transition in terms of shifting to a carbon-free world. The green transition in energy system and transport sectors, both on-road and off-road, have a significant role of supporting and speeding up research, development, and innovation activities.

The goal of DECARBO project is to find the most economically viable, cost effective and productive ways to decarbonize mobile machine systems and create profitable business to the machine system suppliers in a rapidly changing environment.

DECARBO research consortium includes VTT, LUT and TAU. The project is coordinated by VTT and in addition to research partners most of the SIX Mobile Machines cluster companies are involved.

The foundation of the DECARBO research is based on five main pillars:

  • Quantification of global scenarios in terms of geopolitical risks, emission policy, trading, and flexibility in global market structures of mobile machines.

  • Evaluation of novel concepts and designs through experimental research. All feasible alternative power solutions are investigated in considering the total lifecycle cost of energy carrier and end-user applications.

  • Multiple energy source demonstrator with modular design as a powering unit to support the charging infrastructure.

  • Development of customer centric business models adapting to new technologies and identifying the best customer values.

  • Strong increase of networking and strengthening of international partnerships globally in mobile machine industry.

The project will run through 2023 – 2024 and the total budget is 1,5 M€.

Contact persons: VTT: Sahas Shah and Johannes Hyrynen; TAU: Marko Seppänen; LUT: Christian Breyer

More information:

Johannes Hyrynen

P. +35840 833 6364


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