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PONSSE: Thinning Density Assistant – a technological concept that measures the thinning density

With the technology being developed by Ponsse, the number of standing trees can be measured for the first time in addition to felled trees. Last autumn, Ponsse presented the Thinning Density Assistant, a technological concept which is not yet commercially available, but which is being studied and tested actively.

Ponsse EV1 machine

The data collected helps operators achieve the correct and best possible thinning density for forest management, which is also documented. The concept uses the lidar technology to identify trees around the machine and generate a tree map of the logging site. The technology draws an image of the exact location of the machine relative to trees and the adjacent trail on a forest machine’s computer screen.

When the operator drives the machine forward on the trail, the view will be updated with new stems. If there is another trail next to the machine, the Thinning Density Assistant shows its location and the exact distance between the two trails. As a result, the system also alerts the operator if the distance between trails is too long or short.

Our SIX Mobile Work Machine partner Ponsse Plc is a company that specialises in the production, sale, maintenance and technology of cut-to-length forest machines, as well as in innovative harvesting solutions in line with sustainable development.

Ponsse will present its latest technology solutions at the SIX Future Mobile Work Machine event on May 30th. Learn more about Ponsse’s Thinning Density Assistant – a technological concept that measures the thinning density and technological concept PONSSE EV1, forwarder that is equipped with a fully electric powertrain and uses the advanced Epec Flow electrification system. In Ponsse’s stand you can also find a PONSSE Full Simulator.

🔹See the full programme at the FMWM event site:


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