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SIX Mobile Machines at IVT Expo Cologne on June 26

SIX Mobile Machines was present at the IVT EXPO Cologne on June 26th. In their presentation, ‘Decarbonization of mobile machine systems’, on the opening day of iVT Conference, VTT’s Sahas Shah and Johannes Hyrynen discussed the developments and consequences of the non-road mobile machinery (NRMM) sector.

The speakers pointed out that a new ‘one size fits all’ energy solution cannot be foreseen as applicable to the versatile sector of mobile machines. Industrial sites, urban and built environments, agricultural and forestry, mining and warehouses, and ports all set their own conditions and requirements for the design and operation of these vehicles.

Extensive collaboration between research, education and industry is needed to achieve the targets and SIX Mobile machines provides an excellent collaboration platform for that.

XR in the cabin – the THEIA-XR approach session was also a success. Kaj Helin from VTT and Pekka Yli-Paunu from Kalmar presented how XR can be used for novel remote operation station design and what kind of added value XR can provide to new concept evaluation.

It was also discussed how to improve the situational awareness of operators leading to improved productivity and safety as well as the UX of the HMI of the machine. In addition the role of AR in maintenance and training was addressed.

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