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SIX Mobile Work Machines: Visit to Gothenburg area

[13.17] Veli-Mikko Mäkelä The delegation at SEEL vehicle testing laboratory at Gothenburg.
The SIX Mobile Work Machines delegation at SEEL vehicle testing laboratory at Gothenburg.

It was our great pleasure to participate in a mobile machinery focused innovation & collaboration mission to Gothenburg area, Sweden. The mission was organized by SIX Mobile Machines and Business Finland last week 21.11.-23.11.2023. Themes of the visit revolved around electrification, autonomy, and cooperative innovation models.

The Gothenburg area is known for its competence in automotive and mobile machinery industry. Our delegation comprising from participants from Epec, Kalmar, Normet, Ponsse, Valtra, Tamlink, Tana, TUNI, Valmet Automotive and VTT had the chance to visit many interesting players.

To name a few highlights from the visit, the testing capabilities at AstaZero and SEEL were very impressive. . Especially, the SEEL battery abuse and EMC testing facility at Borås as well as battery, powertrain and vehicle testing facility at Gothenburg aroused interest among the member companies and many collaboration possibilities were identified. Lindholmen Science Park presented the innovative ElectriCity program.

At Volvo Group we had a chance to have longer discussions with participants from Volvo Construction Equipment, CPAC Systems, Volvo Penta, and Volvo CampX.

Topics discussed included electrification, automation and autonomy, and also foresight. Again, many collaboration possibilities were identified between our company members and our hosts from Volvo Group.

All in all, it was a very successful and informative visit.

From research, innovation, and testing point-of-view, it is clear that we have a great opportunity for cooperation with our Swedish research and industry partners. From company perspective, it was great to see how many cooperation opportunities were identified. Many thanks for our great hosts and also Business Finland!

Veli-Mikko Mäkelä

Cluster Coordinator

SIX Mobile Work Machines


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