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SIX Mobile Work Machines has opened a new membership category: Solution Partners

SIX Mobile Work Machines has opened a new membership category called Solution Partners, and the first new members have joined.

The three main objectives of the SIX Mobile Work Machines cluster - "efficient and effective joint innovation development," "development of competence and availability," and "impact and visibility in Finland and all around the world" - aim to realize the cluster's vision of the best operating environment, i.e., ‘In 2025, Finland has become known as the world's best place for developing mobile work machines and their key technologies and services.’

This vision applies to Finland and the Finnish mobile work machinery sector, and its realization requires extensive collaboration between public entities, research, and industry companies. Opening the new membership category supports this excellently by strengthening the cluster with a broader company base, thus helping achieve the main objectives.

The new membership category is primarily targeted, as the name suggests, at companies developing technology and service solutions for the mobile work machinery sector. The guiding principle for cluster members is that everyone participates and allocates resources to the joint activities, and for an individual company to be accepted as a cluster member, its goals must sufficiently align with the cluster's goals.

More information about the new membership category can be found in the attached material.

Solution Partners
Download PDF • 235KB

More information:

Veli-Mikko Mäkelä
SIX Mobile Work Machines Coordinator
P. 040 655 2121


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