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Success Story: University Of Vaasa

Jakamo is the Supplier Experience Platform connecting customers and suppliers in the manufacturing ecosystem. Jakamo serves its customers with new technology giving them a modern way to manage the supply chain. Jakamo’s mission is to provide an environment where manufacturing professionals can act together in a transparent and equal way to create a more sustainable world. The ecosystem is growing fast - today over 2500 companies in about 60 countries are using Jakamo.

The philosophy of the software company Jakamo’s innovative method is based on research carried out at the University of Vaasa. The idea is based on the fact that in the industrial partnerships between supplier and customers, several persons are involved with the operational supply chain management. For this reason, good and open interaction and information transfer are required to make the supply chain effective.

Jakamo many-to-many platform that serves the manufacturing ecosystem was established in 2012. In the Jakamo platform, the companies can establish a digital connection with each other and use it to share daily information by using this connection. The first industrial customers for the service came from the energy cluster in Vaasa Region, and after that, the number of customers has steadily increased. The grant of a patent (method, system, apparatus) in the US shows that Jakamo is at the forefront of a totally new concept for information sharing between the companies.

Jakamo has a strong relationship with the University of Vaasa. The founders of the company have studied and made research in university, and they also collaborate with the university nowadays by e.g. making regular guest lectures at the university. The company has also recruited several university students to make e.g. thesis projects.


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