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Success story - Robo 3D Lab / Centria Ylivieska

Robo 3D lab has been supporting a three persons SME to grow to 400 persons HULD during 15 years!

Velho Engineering Ltd was established by three innovative persons in 2005 in the Ylivieska technology Park. Centria also acts as the strong R&D center in the same technology park. In that phase company was an engineering office on an entrepreneurship basis, which specialized in mechanical engineering and industrial design of electronic and electro-technical products.

Mika Kiljala started to lead the company as the managing director. 2009 it the company was employing already 30 people and at the end of 2011 there were 50 employees. The company name was changed to RD Velho at 2010 and in that phase it widened its focus also to IoT. The company continued growing by recruitments and by buying companies. The latest merging was made with SSF (space technology company) in 2019 and after that merging the size was increased to 400 employees. At the same time the company was named again and now the company is now HULD (HULD.IO).

Mika Kiljala is actively leading the company from the same original office in the Ylivieska Technology Park. Besides of many R&D activities with Centria HULD also joined the Centria`s Rural Industry DIH in 2020. This DIH was initiated by Centria in 2020 based on the TRINITY project activities ( In the TRINITY project Centria is acting as one of the key partners.

In the Centria`s marketing material the CEO Mika Kiljala is describing the collaboration between Centria and his company in the following way:

“We have been doing collaboration with Centria during several years. We have been using the robotics lab, the testing services, the specialist services, the fair services and the student collaboration. We have also been participating in several research projects. Centria`s services has been noticed to be on high quality and collaboration has been going well all the time.”

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