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Success Story: University of Vaasa

Wapice IoT-TICKET® - Regional highlight from Vaasa region

Wapice IoT-TICKET® allows anybody to create massive-scale, production-grade Internet of Things applications fast. The global award-winning no-code Productivity Studio is a true end-to-end powerhouse: from sensors and actuators, edge connectivity solutions that allow monitoring and controlling a factory or asset with just 5 clicks, to super easy-to-use yet extremely powerful Application, Logic and Report Designers allowing users to create new AI and Big Data powered products and services in minutes. Customers that rely on IoT-TICKET include leading manufacturing, automotive, real estate, and industrial companies as well as utilities and entire cities. Nowadays IoT-TICKET® is not only an essential part of powering societies, but also the foundation for companies to digitalize their businesses and build new business models.

Wapice ( is an IoT, AI and Industry 4.0 company headquartered in Vaasa, Finland. With over 330 highly skilled experts and over 20 years of industrial software and electronics expertise Wapice relies on the strong ecosystem of the Vaasa region: From universities that utilize IoT-TICKET® in their teaching and research to providing top quality future talent. Additionally, leading international operating companies provide close collaboration possibilities to identify industry trends and needs early on. IoT-TICKET® has been developed to answer those needs – and as it turns out many companies and societies around the world enjoy the benefits today. IoT-TICKET® is created by Wapice and developed in Vaasa leveraging a strong ecosystem to create global impact. Wapice is creating a smarter future today.


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